Culture of Inquiry

Our first glimpse into the various culture of inquiry was through the book, Mindful Inquiry in Social Research, written by Valerie Malhotra Bentz and Jeremy J. Shapiro. I was familiar with qualitative and quantitative research methods from high school Science labs. We might even have been told that there were two types of research and that we could tell the difference because quantitative dealt with numbers. How narrow our field of view was. In all fairness when we were observing a burning candle in Chemistry we couldn’t use Phenomenology because Phenomenology is used to obtain knowledge about how humans think and feel in the most direct ways. Hermeneutic Inquiry is also not applicable to the burning candle. Hermeneutic Inquiry makes me think of the story of the grandmother who cut the leg bone on the ham before she put it in to roast. The daughter grew up, moved out and she cut the leg bone on the ham before she put it in to roast. As the granddaughter approached the age to leave the home she said to her mother” Why do you cut the leg on the ham bone before you put it into roast?”  The mother replied, “My mother always did.” The granddaughter asked, “Why did Grandma do it?” Mother replied, “I don’t know.” So the granddaughter asked the grandmother to which the grandmother replied, “My roasting pan was too small to hold the entire ham so I cut the end off.” Hermeneutic Inquiry needs to know what the original intent was so it can be applied to today’s events. I’ll decide on my Culture of Inquiry after I narrow down my topic.


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