Situating my Research

Shortly after beginning to volunteer in a school I realized how teachers were struggling to make good use of technology in their teaching and classrooms. To be the tech guru on staff means more work with probably no additional release time or monetary compensation. This led me to apply for a Master of Arts in Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University.

No one who knew me could quite believe I was applying to a technology degree. If I wasn’t using technology then why would I take a degree involving technology? The short answer is that not only is it the way of the future it is the way of the present. Teachers today need to be given some basic grounding in the apps and sources available to them to strengthen the delivery of their information. There are many ways to use an app or a program. Some are much better than others. There are organizational programs available, such as Zotero, where teachers can organize worksheets, project directions, lesson plans and then share these out with the rest of their teaching cohort. If the item is entered correctly it is searchable. There needs to be guidance and instruction on how to tag correctly so you can find information again. So much to know and so few teachers to pass information on—hmm I think I’ll do a degree in technology.


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