Rabbit Holes and How Much Trouble Can I Get Into?

As I think more about scholarly communities I wonder if this is like Junior High and it is possible to make a poor life choice. I wonder how our online identity will play out in the future?  Our little cohort is a safe and forgiving place but probably not without disagreements. Outside of the cohort if I voice/write an opinion that is not in keeping with current thought will I be ostracized? Are graduate students thought to be pretentious if they join academia.edu? As the winds of change blow, as they always do in education, from child centered to discovery to unschooling how much room is there for disagreeing with the established scholars?

Is something I write now going to have repercussions in ten years? How do we find ourselves in the quagmire of academia? Is there a proverbial star that I can hitch my cart to so that I might head in a safe direction? Or do I want to be out on a limb? There are so many rabbit holes to distract me from the really necessary parts of this degree. Do the readings. Do the assignments. Trust the process. The rest should take care of itself. Maybe I can entertain a rabbit hole then.

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