Scholarly Communities

I am so grateful for my colleagues who are on this journey with me. Soon we will be added to the group who is doing their degree totally online and our cohort will be double in size. As a group we are looking for ways to see each other again and meet the other half of our cohort. I hope it will be at an academic conference. One conference that would have something for each of us would be the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. Next year E-Learn 2017 will be held in Vancouver, BC from October 17–20, 2017. The conference looks like it covers most of the backgrounds that my current cohort members come from and we could explore a new city and make some new friends.

Closer to home, and my heart, for my first academic conference there is one being held in Ponoka on September 29 and 30, 2016 by the Wolf Creek School Division called 21csymposium. This symposium has two great keynote speakers, Todd Whitaker and Alec Couros as well as presenters who are working in the field. I always came away from conferences with my mind brimming over from ideas I wanted to try in my classroom. Will it be the same this time or are my dreams already too big for people who are a little more set in their ways. I think I might go.


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  1. For the past 5 years I have attended a minimum of two conferences per year. Last year the STLHE Conference (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) was in Vancouver so it was a great opportunity to attend and it was well worth it. I would love to attend the Computing in Education next year so thank you for the information. This year I was fortunate to be able to attend the Blackboard World convention in Las Vegas. I was amazed by the new innovation in technology that was highlighted there. Also the collaboration. For example Amazon Education has joined forces with Blackboard to combine the same type of technology that suggests those books that you might also like when you are shopping on Amazon, to suggest resources for students in an online course. They can also use the technology to predict where the students will go in terms of their education allowing educators and institutions to predict how many courses they should offer etc. There is so much to learn about and conferences are a great way to get the latest news.


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